Easy to use and Famous fluid coupling for transfer Hi Coupler for professional , many other types of Cupla are also av

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Nitto Kohki
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Stainless Steel
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1000 Piece/Pieces per Month

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Securely packaged in cardboard with buffering material
Yokohama Port, Narita
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Following verification of payment, shipped within 10 days

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Easy to use and Famous fluid coupling for transfer Hi Coupler for professional , many other types of Cupla are also av

<Nitto Kohki Quick Connect Couplings : CUPLA>

Cuplas Enable Flexible, Fast, and Secure Connections in Various Fluid Lines.

Nitto Kohki’s unique technologies and dedicated research have been proven by numerous patents, which led to the development of 25,000 different Cupla variations.

-Applications diversity from general household to high-tech industries such as in oceanic and space development.-Numerous sizes are available for various needs.-Wide varieties of body materials such as steel, brass, plastic, aluminum or stainless steel are available.

For easy replacements:

Replacements of pneumatic/hydraulic tools, pneumatic/hydraulic cylinders, mold attachments, etc.

For temporary installation in test line:

Vacuum test, pressure durability tests, leakage tests, running tests, etc.

For filling:

For filling up various industrial gases, including inert gases, nitrogen, LPG, carbon dioxide, oxigen, fuel gas, etc.

For maintenance services:

For computer cooling system, hydraulic cylinders in die-casting machines.

For transfer:

For transfer of solid items through pipes such as screws and nuts as well as for electric power cable lines.

As joints:

Applications other than fluid transfer covering connections for holding works while anchored or carried around.

Product Description

For Low Pressure:Hi Cupla

From factory air line to pneumatic tool connection, available in various body materials, sizes and end configurations. Excellent durability.

-An excellent general purpose coupling for connecting factory air supply to pneumatic tools.-Steel coupling is suitable for air. Brass or stainless steel is suitable for water. Note tha fluid will come out from the plug when disconnected.-Critical structural parts of steel models are heat-treated for increased strength giving greater durability and resistance to wear.-Available in various body materials, sizes and end configurations applicable to a wide range of applications.

Select an Appropriate Cupla for the JobNitto Kohki has the wide range of Cuplas covering almost every application and feature you need. In order to select an appropriate Cupla for your job, you need to realize the following specifications.

<Specifications to be checked when selecting Cuplas>

Fluid and the Temperature -Select a Cupla with body and seal materials that suit the fuid and its temperature There are different body and seal materials to suit different fluids. For example, we recommend steel Hi Cuplas for air, and brass or stainless steel for water. Please refer to Body Material Selection Table and Seal Material Selection Table at the end of this catalog for details about the correspondence between fluids and materials.

Fluid Pressure -Select a Cupla suitable for the actual max fluid pressure Fluid pressure is also a key to Cupla selection. Each series of hydraulic Cuplas have different structures to cope with each pressure resistance ranges between 5.0 MPa (50kgf/cm2) and 68.6 MPa(700 kgf/cm2).

Automatic Shut-off Valve -Select a Culpa with a valve structure that suits the piping application. Valve combinations are two-way shut-off, or straight through types. Choose carefully. Unless it is a two-way Shut-off type, the internal fluid will flow out from the Cupla without valve then it is disconnected.

Operating Environment -Select a Cupla with design and materials that suit each operating environment. In choosing the type of Cupla, body material and seal material, consider the temperature range, possible dirt and dust, and/or corrosive atmosphere in the operating environment.

Size and Type of End Configurations -Finally and critically specify the size and type of end configurations. Having checked the type and materials for the Cupla, now specify the size and type of end configurations to suit the type of piping. Choose carefully, as the size affects the fluid flow rate.

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